Whole 30 Days 12-14

I gotta admit that on Sunday of this week I was *really* over the Whole 30.  I worked all morning, attended a Zumba class (because who doesn’t enjoy dancing with a bunch of other ladies?!), and then ran home to prepare for church (I sing in a small ensemble on Sunday evenings and LOVE IT.)

Needless to say, it was a stressful busy day, and I probably would have failed had I not planned carefully on Saturday.  That is really the name of the game with the Whole 30–otherwise you find yourself with no appropriate food to eat and either eat off plan, or don’t eat enough.  Neither of those alternatives are good ones.

After church, for dinner, Michael & I went out with his parents and we both enjoyed a steak and a baked potato.  His parents had spinach and artichoke dip (which I adore), as well as a HUGE chocolate brownie with ice cream.  I love how free I feel on the Whole 30–I wasn’t even tempted to snag a chip or get a bite of the chocolatey delight.  That’s really such a great feeling.

Monday was no less stressful, as I ended up working 2 more hours than I had planned. Instead of throwing something together before we ran out the door for our Bible study, we picked up bunless burgers from 5 Guys (loaded with the veggies, of course) and I made sweet potato fries.  I loved this post for all the info on restaurants with Whole 30 compliant meals.  It was very helpful!

We finished off our second week of the Whole 30 by trying out this Baked Lemon Chicken alongside mashed cauliflower!

Whole 30

Now, I have to say that going forward, there’s no way I want to keep pulling the chicken out of the oven and brushing more of the lemon/butter/garlic mixture over it.  That’s way too involved for me.  I want to stick it in the oven and not have to worry about it till it’s almost finished cooking.  So while this chicken turned out deliciously, I will be trying other lemon chicken recipes that are not so involved.

For the mashed cauliflower (which both girls love, by the way), I steam 2 bags of frozen cauli on the stovetop (in a little veggie basket) for 10 minutes. Then I dump them into my food processor with butter, salt, and garlic powder.  I turn it on low and let it run till the mixture looks pretty smooth.  I typically end up adding more salt and garlic powder till it smells just perfect.

And then we eat it up!  There were barely any left overs and I had to bribe my children with fruit for dessert to keep them from eating the extras.  haha.

My FAVORITE thing that happened on Tuesday was having Michael tell me that he is more awake in the mornings since he’s been eating this way.  Usually he feels lethargic and half asleep till around noon, but this past week he has been energized.  I can’t even tell you how happy that made me!!!  This was a huge part of why I wanted him to do a Whole 30 with me–to see how good he could feel.

Anyway.  That message from him MADE. my. day.  And now we’re on to week 3!!  Cheers.

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