Whole 30 Day 28 & 29

We finished out our 4th week on the Whole 30 with a dish from There’s a Cook in My Kitchen: Chicken with Artichokes and Sun Dried Tomatoes.

Here’s the picture from their site:

Whole 30

and here’s mine:

Whole 30


I loved the aroma and flavor of the artichokes and tomatoes, but found the chicken to be pretty bland.  I haven’t put the recipe in the permanent recipe binder yet, because I’m not sure what spices I’ll use that would flavor the chicken enough, but not take away from the other flavors.  If you look at the recipes and have any thoughts, comment on my Facebook Post with your suggestions!!

I can follow a recipe like nobody’s business, but please don’t ask me to start free-styling, because I will ruin it.  Aside from chili seasonings, I am NOT good about knowing what herbs/seasonings complement each other, or improve overall taste.

Then last night, we tried Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili.  It smelled aMAZing–like, all of us commented on how good the house smelled when we got home.  But again, like the night before, the chicken was very bland (and somehow…dry?), and aside from the raw jalapeños that I sprinkled over the top of Michael’s and mine, the soup had little to no flavor.

Whole 30
So while I would like to say that we finished out our last week on the Whole 30 with some great meals, I will instead suggest that if you DO try these, you modify them (and then tell me how you made them taste better)!!!

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