Whole 30 Day 24 & 25

We had another re-do on Thursday night, simply because it fit what we had, and I wanted to make sure not to waste our purchased lettuce or spinach.  Taco salad is always a winning dinner here (and so easy to make it Whole 30 appropriate).  I offered the girls taco shells, but they prefer the salad, and who am I to argue against that?!

Whole 30

(This is a picture of Lexi’s salad, not mine…hence the cheese!)

For Friday night, day 25 (I can’t believe we’re only 5 days away from finishing the Whole 30 up!), we had Southwestern Spiced Tenderloin and baked sweet potatoes.  This was SO amazingly good!  I didn’t use all of the “spice” so I bottled up the rest and plan on using it for chicken.  SO. GOOD.

Whole 30

I started the sweet potatoes in the oven first and found the perfect technique for baking them over at the Freckled Foodie’s blog: How to Bake a Perfect Sweet Potato.  This was legit, simple, and worked perfectly with what I was doing with the Pork Tenderloin.

Whole 30

The only thing that needed to change to make the Pork recipe Whole 30 friendly, was to use clarified butter or coconut oil in place of the vegetable oil.  Love that!

Michael and I kept exclaiming over it’s deliciousness, and this recipe will stay in permanent rotation!

Whole 30

Michael and I are still enjoying how delicious fruit tastes right now.  It’s just so sweet (and you can tell if you haven’t been eating the chemically-laden, excessively-sweetened junk food), and refreshing!!

I remember after my first Whole 30, I was SO excited to have my favorite Starbucks Coffee frappuccino, but it tasted so fake after all the real food I’d been eating, that I was unable to enjoy it.  That was an eye-opening moment for me–how much garbage I’d been eating without even be able to tell.

Once you do a Whole 30, you’ll have a better palate, more appreciation for real food and their natural flavors (not artificially sweetened past what nature created).  Check out the Whole 30’s Sugar Manifesto for a really great read about the topic.

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