Whole 30 Day 17 & 18

Day 17 of the Whole 30 was this past Friday, and I decided to try the Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff recipe I’d found on Pinterest.  Growing up, I’d loved Hamburger Helper’s Beef Stroganoff (till they changed the recipe and it got chalky), so I hoped I could recreate a healthy version for the family.  And I love meals in the crockpot–I get it all prepped and in there in the morning and don’t have to do anything till dinner time.  Yes, please.

Whole 30

Sadly, this was not a meal that I enjoyed eating.  I didn’t like the flavor, I didn’t like the texture…and Michael gets to eat all of the leftovers for me.  heh.  Michael and the girls all liked it–so this could just be me being a weirdo.  Maybe it’s because I subbed apple cider vinegar for the wine…I dunno.  The sauce didn’t thicken up enough for my liking.  The girls and Michael also liked the “gravy” with the mashed potatoes, but I threw away the recipe and removed it from my Whole 30 Pinterest board.

Fortunately, that’s really the first recipe that I have actively disliked.  And 17 days in?  That’s a win.

Day 18 was another “scramble for dinner” because Costco closed at the insane hour of 6pm (for real, what grocery store does that?!?).  I’d wanted to grab salmon, but instead I went elsewhere for chicken and salad.

This needed to be fast, so I used this method to cook moist chicken on the stove top (sprinkled a little steak & barbecue seasoning over the top), and made huge salads.

Whole 30

The chicken was SO moist and delicious!  I cannot recommend this method highly enough!!

So we had a big bed of greens, with peppers, then we threw the chicken over top and chose from our Whole 30-approved dressing options:

Whole 30

All excellent choices! I also need to find a recipe I had for dressing that used my homemade mayo as its base.  That was some deliciousness.

And then we feasted:

Whole 30

It was tasty and you need to try it!!  Here’s to the tail end of week 3 of the Whole 30 being aMAHzing.

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