Whole 30 Day 15 & 16

I’m going to be honest and say that week 3 of the Whole 30 has been the most difficult so far.  This is mostly due to poor planning on my part, life stuff (heh), and then also poor planning.  haha.

So I was supposed to do shopping on Wednesday (and I had a hefty list), but I got caught up in something else that took a LOT longer than I expected it to.  I was able to run to two stores after choir practice that night, but couldn’t make it to Costco before they closed.

And I’ve been putting Costco off ever since.  Just kidding.  I tried to go yesterday, only to discover that they close at 6pm on Saturdays.  Who knew?

Anyway, so our recipes this week have been more, “what do we have in the fridge?” than “this is on the menu”.  And it’s been fine.  We’ve all rolled with it.

So Wednesday night we had the Cowboy Breakfast Skillet for dinner.  I used Whole Food’s brand of Chicken Breakfast Sausage (which I love), and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

Whole 30

This was not my favorite meal for left overs.  The eggs get a weird texture with reheating (with the microwave and oven–I tried both), so it’s not a recipe that I will put into rotation.  However, it is an easy recipe and I usually have all the ingredients, so it’s a great stand-by for when I need to make something on the fly.

Now on Thursday we had Whole Food’s Pumpkin Chili, and it has been a FAVORITE of mine ever since the first time I had it.  Man.  SO good.  Chili is one meal that I usually love, despite the ingredients, if someone else makes it.  But if I’m making it, it’s the one meal that I will tweak the spices on.

Whole 30

First, I just use beef for the meat (and I add chili seasoning to it while browning).

 Second, I don’t use as much pumpkin as they suggest.  I like it in there for texture and flavor, but I don’t want to specifically TASTE pumpkin in my chili.

 Third, I always halve the amount of water.  When I used the full amount, I felt that it watered down the flavor.

 Lastly, I used a half tablespoon of cumin, chili powder, and sea salt.  I also did a few sprinkles of red pepper flakes.  Oh, and I omitted the beans (obvis).

It was ON. FIRE.  and so was my mouth.  Woo.  But SO tasty and full of flavor!!!  We also love putting a dollop of home-made mayo on top.  LOVE this (adjusted) recipe.

So that started off our 3rd week on the Whole 30.  Neither of us are craving sweets still, and we are both finding fruit to be SO DELICIOUS right now.  I found some Cara Cara oranges at Whole Foods (for $1.29/lb!!!) and they are all the dessert we need.

Truly, it is amazing how fantastic everything tastes when you aren’t shoving processed, chemically-laden foods in your mouth.  Sweet potatoes are SO sweet, and both Michael and I marvel at how tasty fruit is.  I love it!

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