Whole 30 and the aftermath

I have loved how our eating has continued after completed the Whole 30.  We have continued having whole 30 meals at home, but allowed ourselves to eat out a time or two.  Granted, all 3 times, we were uncomfortable after the meals (either over-eating, or just eating foods that have so many bad ingredients they bug your tummy for a bit), but when followed by clean meals, they have caused no lasting discomfort.

I am back to having my veggies sautéed under my eggs. Whole 30

and it is quite delish–such a healthy way to start every day!

The chicken sausage that I adore is the whole foods brand:

Whole 30

It adds such a nice flavor to the veggies, and gives me enough protein to start my day off feeling satiated and energized.

So we tried this Chicken Pot Pie soup this past week.  We all liked it well enough, but I will not be making it again because it was more work than it was worth for me.  I wanted it to be just AMAZING, but instead, it was just okay.

Whole 30

It definitely tasted and looked like it belonged in a chicken pot pie though–so if you LOVE pot pie fillings, you should definitely try this.

We also had this Slow Cooker Creamy Southwest Chicken this week.

Whole 30

This smelled aMAZing all day, so I had high hopes.  However, it never “thickened” up from the arrowroot starch (has anyone else had a hard time getting that to work?), and was just rather blasé overall.  We ate it with rice, but were rather unimpressed with it as a whole.  *sadface*

What I was expressing to Michael yesterday, was that keeping our energy and all the “healthy feels” from our Whole 30 is not dependent on us NEVER having food that isn’t 100% healthy for us.  It’s more about balancing a small amount of unhealthy food with a large amount of whole, healthy food choices.  And that’s where most of us get it wrong–we indulge “moderately” every day on unhealthy foods, and then wonder why our one healthy meal doesn’t cure us from feeling crummy.

Your body wasn’t meant to handle and digest half of the processed foods we ingest, and that builds up over time and creates inflammation and general lethargy.   Whereas, fueling our bodies to perform at our best is going to feed our health and keep the occasional junk food from doing too much damage over the long run.

Cheers to keeping all the good feels of the Whole 30, while enjoying life!

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