Hot Mamas


Not long into my career as a personal trainer, I realized that the cost of one-on-one training was not affordable for everyone who wanted to train with me.

With a little bit of brainstorming and client-testing, Hot Mamas was born!  Hot Mamas is small group training where you enjoy the benefits of personal training along with the benefits of group training!  You have the fun, support, and motivation of training with other women with similar goals, but you have the attention of a certified professional as well as a program designed for your specific goals.

Women who train in small groups see greater weight loss and overall results

I’m looking for women who want to:
     • look better naked
     • finally achieve long-lasting results
     • build confidence through a commitment to fitness.
     • find a way of eating that works for life and not just a diet that leaves                 you hangry (so hungry you’re angry) and unsatisfied. (1)

Currently, I only have openings for my 9AM group on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Are you ready to make a change today?